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Guide on How to Make a Free Blog for Beginners, Super Complete!

Guide on How to Make a Free Blog for Beginners, Super Complete!

Through the following article, I will share guidance on how to create a free blog that is perfect for beginners. For me, a blog is my little hut in cyberspace.

How to Make a Free Blog for Beginners, Super Complete!
How to Make a Free Blog for Beginners, Super Complete!

With a blog, I can share experiences or things that are useful for readers.

Although my blog readers are few but don’t know, what’s important is that someone reads even one person,
Besides being used to share experiences, many use blogs for additional income fields, online means of selling, and so on.

If you read the following article, maybe you are one of the people who are looking for tutorials on how to create a blog easily and not complicated.

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Guide on How to Make a Blog for Beginners

There are dozens of platforms for creating blogs.

Therefore, you must first decide which platform you want to use, whether it’s WordPress, blogger, Tumblr, webs, Squidoo, or so forth.

In my opinion, the most popular, easy, and very suitable platform for beginners is a blogger.

Then what are the steps to create a blog on blogger?

You see the steps as follows:

A. Login to Blogger.com

1. First, log into blogger.com to create a new blog.

2. Enter your Gmail address. If you don’t already have Gmail, please read my article on how to make e-mail at Gmail. After that, choose Next.

3. Then enter your Gmail account password correctly, then select Next.

4. If you are directed to a page which is more or less like the image below, please select I Agree

5. Then you must fill in the display name that is used as a blogger profile.

a free blog for beginners

Use your full name or nickname, for example, Zakariajan. After selecting Continue to Blogger.
6. To create a new blog, select the CREATE NEW BLOG button located on the right side.

For more details, you can see the picture below.

7. You will see a screen like this. Please fill in as indicated by the number below:

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Number 1: Fill in the title of your new blog, for example, Blog Regarding Latest Technology.

Number 2: Fill in the URL address on your blog, for example, nesabatekno.blogspot.com or just type Nesabatekno only, then the blog address will automatically become afghantodaytechnolog.blogspot.com.

If there is a checkmark next to it means the blog address is available.

Number 3: Choose a theme that you like for your new blog.

8. After that, select Create a blog!

9. Suppose you get a domain name purchase offer as shown below, choose Next time.

The discussion about the use of custom domains on bloggers will be discussed in the next article.

10. Congratulations on your new blog. But don’t run away yet, let’s also learn about the menus on blogger, how do I write content on blogger and so on.

B. Getting to know the menus on Blogger

There are several menus and buttons on the blogger that you need to know about. Including the following :

Posts: displays all posts contained on your blog, posts that have been published and which are still in draft form. In this menu, you can also delete several posts at once quickly.

Statistics: display static information on your blogs, such as the number of views today, yesterday and last month. In addition, this menu also displays information about how visitors find your blog and so on.

Comments: displays comments that have been published, comments that are still awaiting moderation, and comments that are classified as spam.

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Campaign: displays a menu around Adwords.

You can promote your blog with this Adwords, but of course, it’s not free.

Pages: displays the number of pages contained on your blog, pages that are still in draft form, and pages that have been published.

Layout: here you can customize the appearance or add widgets (gadgets) to your blog.
Themes: display settings for your blog’s template or theme. To edit, change your blog template, etc. you can do it here.

Settings: display advanced settings on your blog, such as basic settings, posts, and comments, etc. you can do it here.

Reading List: displays the latest posts from the blogs that you follow.

Help: displays several helpful articles on how to use blogs on Blogger.

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C. How to Write / Post Content on Blogger

To write content or what is often referred to as posts are very easy, even really easy. Check out the steps as follows:
1. Click the New entry button.

2. Before starting to write content, there are several menus, buttons, or navigation that you need to understand as follows:

Number 1: Title of your content.

Number 2: A row of buttons that are useful for publishing, storing, or previewing your content before posting.

Number 3: There are 2 modes of writing content contained in blogger, including Compose mode and HTML mode. By default, content writing mode uses Compose mode. If you are new to HTML, I recommend using Compose mode instead.

Number 4: The formatting toolbar menu is used for processing text on your content. The functions of these tools are not much different from those found in Microsoft Word.

Number 5: Several settings menus for your content. Like providing labels/categories, permanent links to your content and so on.

Number 6: Fill in your content.

3. If your content is ready to be published, please click the Publish button. Oh yes, make sure the content you write is not negatively charged, hate speech and so forth.

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You can read more on the Blogger Content Policy page.

D. Changing the Blogger Default Template

Indeed, the default blogger template or theme is not like that, not bad, hahaha.

To change your blog template to make it more interesting, please refer to the following steps:


1. Please first download the template that you want to use on your blog. You can search for it on the B template, there are thousands of templates that you can use.

2. After that, enter your blog’s dashboard menu and select Themes.
3. Select Backup / Restore .

4. Click the Choose File button to upload the template you want.
5. Finally, click the Upload button. Keep in mind, well, if the template is required to use the .xml format


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E. FAQ Regarding Blog

Since many readers always comment on the same question, I make a FAQ or list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Hopefully, with my simple scrawl, you already know about how to create a free blog and make money from your blog (for parts to make money on a blog I still compiled the article).

How to Make a Free Blog for Beginners

If you have difficulty on how to create a blog and you don’t find the answer in the FAQ list above, don’t hesitate to ask via the comment box provided.

See you soon and thank you very much for reading my short article.


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