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How to easily create a free blog

How to easily create a free blog You might have just visited one of the inspirational blogs and thought of creating your own blog.

How to easily create a free blog

However, you are confused about where to start.

You also don’t want to spend money because you only intend to channel your hobby.

Whatever your goal, creating a blog is actually not too difficult.

Then, how to create a free blog easily?

We will answer your questions through this article.

How to Create a Free Blog with WordPress
How to Create a Free Blog with WordPress

Blog vs Website: What’s the Difference?

Before entering into how to create a free blog, it helps us understand what is meant by a blog first.

Some of you must have asked different blogs and websites. Are they the same?

Apparently not.

The website is used to refer to a set of document pages that can be accessed online. It tends to be static. Information on a website rarely changes. For example, product and service information or contact information.

On the other hand, a blog is one type of website.

The hallmark of a blog is that content is always updated where the latest content will be displayed first. That is, blogs are dynamic with various articles posted.

A blog is not only for someone or for individuals. The proof, there are many companies that have blogs, such as blogs from Kojak, Jalalabad, and Afghan today techno blogs that you visit today.

Another feature of a blog is the comment column that makes communication with visitors can go both ways.

To find out more about the differences between blogs and websites, please read our other guides.

Which is Your Blog Platform?

Lots of blog platforms to choose from.

Make sure you choose the right platform because that is one of the keys to your success.

Among some of the best platforms, Blogger and WordPress are the most recommended.

The reason is, both of these platforms can be used for all types of blogs, have good security, and support additional functions if needed.

Let’s discuss more fully the two platforms:


This is one of the blog platforms that once ruled Canda. Blogger is a platform owned by Google.

Not surprisingly, many services from Google are easily integrated with Blogger.

You name it, Google AdSense is Google’s advertising service, or Google Analytics as a platform to measure the performance of your blog.

Blogger is a simple platform and emphasizes ease of use. And most of all, it’s free. As long as you have a Google account, you can immediately register easily.

You will also get the blogspot.com subdomain as your blog name by default.


WordPress.com is a blog service under the Automattic banner. WordPress is the master of today’s website platforms. At least 30% of all websites around the world use WordPress.

You can register for WordPress.com for free and get 3GB of online storage. Apart from that, you will get the wordpress.com subdomain automatically too.

With WordPress, you can create a variety of blogs with different topics.

All types of content from text to video can be managed properly.

How to Create a Free Blog with Blogger

To create a blog using Blogger, make sure you already have a Google account.

If you don’t have one, please register first, as explained in our other article.

Furthermore, you can follow the following guidelines:

Go to the Blogger main page, and click enter.

You are required to log in with your Google account.

Next, you will be asked to confirm your profile.

Every time a visitor comes to your blog, this profile will appear.

Click ” Continue to Blogger “.

You will be directed to the Blogger Welcome page. choose ” Create a New Blog“.

On the Blog List page, fill in the title of your blog.

Then, fill in the address of your blog that will end with a subdomain: blogspot.com.

Make sure the blog address you want has not been used by others.

Then, choose a theme for your blog. Finally, select Create Blog.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a blog with Blogger.

This is what your blog looks like.

How to easily create a free blog
How to easily create a free blog

Customize Blogger to Look Attractive

Customization is needed to make your blogger different from the others. Not only from your identity but also the appearance of your blog.

Let’s follow the customization instructions below:

How to easily create a free blog
How to easily create a free blog

Online identity

If you want to change your online identity, you can simply enter the settings menu.

On Blogger, you can simply enter the Settings menu > Basic. You can change the title of your blog and its description. Or you can change the URL address of your blog.

As you know, free Blogger users will always use the subdomain name blogspot.com.

For branding reasons, this is not recommended.

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Therefore, you can buy your unique domain name to use with Blogger.

Blogger has one of the mainstay features called One Click Blogspot Integration. This feature is not shared by other services. With this feature, the process of integrating your domain name with the Blogger platform will take place very quickly and without obstacles.

First, you can buy a domain at Blogger, then follow this easy guide to the stages of its integration.

Blog Display

Don’t underestimate the look of your blog. The survey results prove that 52% of blog visitors will not return to blogs that look less attractive. Furthermore, 59% of internet users want a blog to look beautiful.

To make your blog interesting, choose a theme that matches your blog’s topic.

The trick, you can simply enter the Themes menu, and immediately choose an available theme.

You can upload a custom theme if you have one. Simply enter the Backup / Restore menu then upload the theme. If you are confused about choosing the Blogger theme, we have several recommendations.

Writing Content on Blogger

After your blog is ready, it’s time to write content on your blog.

To do this, you can simply choose a New Entry from the Blogger dashboard page.

How to easily create a free blog
How to easily create a free blog

Next, you can write the title of the post and fill in your content.

Blogger offers a complete content format for your post.

In addition, there are Entry Settings that you can use to categorize your posts.

After everything is ready, Publish your blog.

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How to Create a Free Blog with WordPress

To create a blog with WordPress, the steps that need to be done are as follows:

Enter the main WordPress.com page.

How to Create a Free Blog with WordPress
How to Create a Free Blog with WordPress

Next, you can choose to Start your website.

You will be asked to create an account first.

There are three choices: use email, Gmail, or an Apple account. If using email, fill in your Email Address, Username, and Password.

After succeeding, you will be asked to choose the type of website you created. Of course, you choose blogs.

On the next page, you can choose your blog’s topic. In this example blog writing.

Next, specify the name of your blog.


You can specify the address of your blog.

If you use the free version, you will get wordpress.com embedded before your blog’s name.

In the next stage, start with an empty site. Wait for the process a few moments.

You will enter the WordPress dashboard which marks the process that you did successfully.

This is the standard appearance of your WordPress blog.

Customizing a WordPress Blog to Make It Look Attractive

To make your WordPress blog look more attractive, take the following customization steps:

Online identity

To customize your online identity on a WordPress blog is very easy.

How to easily create a free blog 2019
How to easily create a free blog 2019

On your WordPress dashboard page, select the Manage menu > Settings> General .

Then, you can add blog icons , your blog’s Title and Slogan , and a few other settings.

Blog Display

How to easily create a free blog
How to easily create a free blog

Like Blogger, you can make changes to your blog’s theme.

The trick, you can enter the Design menu > Themes . WordPress.com makes it easy for you to choose a theme that suits a variety of categories based on Layout , Column , Subject , and Style .

Additional Features

To make your blog work better, you can embed additional features. These features can be related to performance, security and more.

For WordPress platform users, there are additional features called plugins.

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress directory.

However, WordPress.com users cannot use it. Too bad.

Then, what if you want to use the plugin for security and best performance reasons for your blog?

Quiet. WordPress has a version that provides more flexibility, which is WordPress.org.

This version of WordPress is self-hosted .

This means you have better control over your blog because you set up your own online storage media. How?

Writing Content on a WordPress Blog

After your WordPress blog is ready, the next step is to write your first content.

Please select the Write menu from your WordPress dashboard to enter the following page:

This WordPress editor named Gutenberg makes it easy for you to make posts with titles and content arranged in blocks.

Content formats can be found in the block.

Meanwhile, to add post settings, you can edit the document section on the right side of the editor.

You can click Publish to publish your content.

Good content will not only attract visitors but will also get a good ranking in the search engines.

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For the record, a blog content must be original to be able to attract the attention of visitors.

Before you publish your content, it helps you check whether the content is indicated plagiarized or plagiarized from other content.

Apart from that, for business blogs, your content must also be attractive to search engines.

The reason, by being in the top position of a search engine, like Google, will increase your chances of being visited by your prospective clients.

Why Create a Blog?

The benefits of blogging activities are so numerous that many people are interested in creating a blog. Then, how to start?

Choosing the Best Blog Topics

Choosing a blog topic is very important. The topic will determine the entirety of the blog that you build. Not only the appearance, all the content that you create will refer to the topic.

For business blogs, choosing a blog topic will be easier because it simply refers to the type of business being run.

But for a beginner, choosing the right blog topic can be a challenge.

You are strongly advised to create a blog with a specific topic, aka not mixing various topics in one blog.

The reason is, creating a blog with a variety of topics can cause you to have difficulty developing it in the long run. In addition, visitors to your blog will also be confused to understand the true purpose of your blog.

A variety of topics you can choose for your blog, one of which is a product review.

This topic is very promising due to the fact that 97% of people read reviews from online media before buying a product.

In addition, you can create a blog with a DIY (Do It Yourself) theme .

The idea of ??this blog topic is to help others improve and make things their own way.

For example, from blogs on this topic, among others,

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If you still haven’t found the right blog topic inspiration, also read our 50 interesting blog topics.

Make Your First Blog Now!

You already know how to create a free blog. Easy, right?

Having a blog is no longer a dream. In fact, you can start without paying. In the guide above, we have provided various ways to create a blog.

Starting from choosing the best blog topics, determining the platform, to how to create a free blog and its management.

Now, make your dream blog come true and achieve long-term success online.

There are so many reasons for someone to create a blog, the topic is also diverse.


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