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How to Hp WiFi Cannot Be On

How to Hp WiFi Cannot Be On
The problem regarding WiFi Mobile phone can not be On or on is an annoying problem experienced by Smartphone users, especially Android.

Hp WiFi Cannot Be On

How not annoying, when the internet package is thin and we want to connect to a WiFi network but even this feature can not be On, there surely we feel sad.

How to Hp WiFi Cannot Be On
How to Hp WiFi Cannot Be On

Well, if you have experienced or are experiencing such problems, you don’t need to be sad anymore, because the admin will share ways to be able to handle WiFi Mobile can’t easily.

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How to Overcome WiFi Mobile Can not On

The main cause of this WiFi problem is actually in terms of smartphone software and hardware. WiFi errors in terms of software are usually caused by Smartphone systems that are not working properly. In addition, another possibility could also be due to smartphone WiFi hardware damaged.

To overcome this problem, please mate, you can try an easy way to overcome the damage of the cellphone WiFi can not run on Android, Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, Xiaomi, Oppo, or Vivo via this method.

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1. Make sure the WiFi Cellphone is on

How to Hp WiFi Cannot Be On
How to Hp WiFi Cannot Be On

The first step before making WiFi improvements, you must first make sure your Android device’s WiFi is turned on. A friend can check it through the settings or through the notification bar directly.

For how to turn on Android wifi, you just open the HP settings menu, then enter the network or WiFi settings, then you can turn on WiFi. Or other ways to turn it on can also be done directly through the notification bar.

2. Performing Repeat On / Off WiFi

How to cope with Wifi Android that can not live then can be done by doing the Buddy On / Off WiFi is repeated. Although it sounds trivial, this method is also usually quite effective. Please just try it this way until WiFi is turned on successfully.

3. Using the Airplane Mode

Using the Airplane Mode
Using the Airplane Mode

How to fix android WiFi that can’t be turned on next is by utilizing airplane mode or airplane mode. This method is almost the same as the previous method, the difference is here you just need to turn on the airplane mode on Android. After that, wait a few moments, then turn off the airplane mode again.

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4. Overcome Hp WiFi Can not be On with Android Restart

One of the causes of Android Hp WiFi cannot be On is because there is a system error. To run the system back to normal we can restart Android. If you use a cellphone with a removable battery, it’s a good idea to remove the battery first too.

5. Checking WiFi Hardware Conditions

Checking WiFi Hardware Conditions
Checking WiFi Hardware Conditions

If you have tried all the methods above, but WiFi still cannot be turned on. Furthermore, you can check the functional WiFi system on the cellphone.

But to do that, you need the help of an application called Phone Tester. It’s different if you use Asus Zenfone because you can check without the help of third-party applications.

Well, how to overcome WiFi Asus Zenfone can not live is as follows:

  • Open the Asus Mobile Buddy Calculator application
  • Then type the Asus secret code. 12345+
  • After that please tap the button = (same as)
  • Then you choose WiFiBus_Test.
  • Wait a few moments, if the PASS notification appears, it means that Asus Hp WiFi Buddy does not experience problems alias normal.

You can also read other Asus Secret Code articles, to be able to fix other problems with your Asus Android phone.

6. Perform a Factory Reset

If you are sure that there is a WiFi problem on your cellphone system. Buddy can restore the system back to the HP factory settings so that WiFi can run normally again.

But before doing this method, you must first back up important data, because this method will erase all existing data, so please be careful.

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7. The Best Solution to Overcome Hp WiFi Can Not Be On

After you have done all of the above, you still can’t solve the problem, WiFi can’t. So the best solution is to bring our Android to the Service Center. Because in essence there is damage to the WiFi hardware on your phone.

This last solution may be subject to ordinary service. But if your cellphone is still in a new condition and is damaged, you can bring it to the service center with your phone’s warranty.

The final word
Thus the solution on how to overcome WiFi Android HP can not be turned on or on. If this article is useful, please, friend, can share this article with other friends so that they can be helped as well. Thank you

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