Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020

Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020

Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage We’re going over Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool so if you’re interested in post conferencing just chatting or possibly working in a collaborative group such as a team this is the post for you.

Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020
Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020

So with that let’s get on the desktop and start exploring Microsoft teams now you’ll be started with this and I will say this is not the most intuitive software in the world.

I want to go ahead and overview the tabs real fast activity is just notifications that come your way chat is basically one-on-one chat you’ll have with one and one other team member teams are the actual collaboration groups or the team’s calendar is basically a mirror of your how to look calendar so if you actually do make meetings in Microsoft teams with like external parties it’ll actually show up here and you can actually click on them and join the team’s directly from Microsoft teams and then you also have called.

Microsoft Teams Mic Setup

This is for actual making video calls and actually direct calls out to the outside world however these do require extra licenses to send other people external people meeting invites which that is four dollars a user and I haven’t actually purchased any of these licenses Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020.

So we will not be touching on the actual meeting and also voice calling today so before you actually get started and start really chatting with people and getting a camera and everything set up there’s one thing you need to do click on your little icon in the top right and then obviously I’m gonna probably change my picture real fast and upload a new one I’ll go ahead and hit save to that and this basically uploads my picture so Microsoft Teams Mic.

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Then people will see my face when they actually are chatting with me so we’ll go ahead and close that out and as you see all the post got updated here so if you click this picture though after doing that you need to go to settings so whenever you’re in here you can change it from light to dark theme.

I like the dark theme because it’s a little easier on the eyes and then under privacy and notification set these to your content but I leave them at defaults the biggest thing is the device setup one make sure you have a functional camera you can see the preview right here that’s very important and then.

we need to make a test call so let’s go ahead and do the test call beep then your message will be played back to you this is a test of the audio quality and to make sure my microphone is working audio quality and to make sure my microphone is work if you’re happy with the quality of your message then you’ve configured teams correctly if not check your device settings and try again.

Mic Setup and Basic Usage

Now the cool thing about that call to there was three buttons at the bottom the red was to hang up the actual microphone was to mute yourself and the actual camera was let’s see you need to go the bathroom you don’t want people just staring at your background you could totally click that to basically disable your camera so Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020.

All those things are set up we know the microphone is good we know the speaker is good because we could hear it and we know our cameras good because we could see it in the preview so we got everything perfect and we know teams are now set up and we’re ready to actually chat and communicate with other people and that’s the probably the biggest thing is going in setting that and then making our own team so a good example of all the teams is if you’re constantly communicating back and forth just think of this is the same as going to two attorney’s offices.

You know combining each other or going to a conference you can actually make that conference on here and do that now as far as external parties like I said it does require an extra license which we haven’t purchased yet but I will talk I will go ahead and make another video about conference calls and actually conference meetings.

But for now, this is a good internal collaboration tool that’s completely free with any office 365 user so with that let’s start with teams in which where everyone will pretty much live for collaborative things the collaboration is fantastic through here so we have the main team which is the firm team which has all the members in it there’s a general chat where we can just kind of put whatever it is I’ve done some test meetings.

I can just be like hey that was a great meeting so say great meeting and that’ll actually go ahead send it to everybody everyone will see this it’s just like a nice little poster you can put gifts and all kinds of just fun stuff to kind of go back and forth imagine like just kind of hanging out in the kid network except this is the digital version of that.

So to expand on this you can create channels with those existing members so let’s say I wanted to make an IT channel I can just go ahead and create a new channel and call this like IT support and hit add and this would add the IT support channel of course right now the service is having issues probably from all the people jumping on it but needless to say, that’s how you would actually do Microsoft Teams Mic Setup and Basic Usage 2020.

That now up here at the top if we wanted to share files with everybody in the team just click the files tab and you could literally upload any file you want PDF zip file whatever it might be you can drag and drop it into here and that everyone can see and download that file respectively so if you’re working like let’s say drafting some kind of agreement you could actually go back and forth and you can actually edit.

This is real-time so if you upload it to here you can actually edit it in real-time so if you do have like multiple people making changes on the same document you both can do that with the files tab so a really good part of this is if you had like a matter that yes we’re both working on you could actually create a new team name it whatever matter it is and then just start drag and dropping files and chatting back and forth as you could use.

That now the other thing I’ll mention is the one-on-one chat so this is a really good way to actually get in here and just kind of go back and forth and chat with someone directly Erin is currently offline since the little black checkmark so I couldn’t actually chat with her today but if she had it on her cell phone or computer.

She was online she would actually show up with a green checkmark much like team’s echo is but that’s pretty much it for a direct chat and if you wanted to actually chat with somebody that isn’t here so you could actually just start typing in their name like I’m gonna put Aaron Capps in here and I can say hi and that would send him a message.

If he was online he’s not right now I think I only have Mike Lilly online but needless to say, I could actually chat directly with him back and forth I can actually hit the little audio call to do a direct audio call much like a phone call or I could go ahead and do a video call speaking of video calls you can do video calls and teams as well as direct.

So if you just won a one-on-one you can do that and if you wanted to do just a perm why’d a meeting you can do a variety of ways so from the post tab we could actually just click the little camera down here this will spool up and kind of give you a preview and you can meet now to immediately launch it and then just manually add everybody in the group in or.

Microsoft Teams Mic Setup

We’re going over Microsoft teams as Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool so if you’re interested in post conferencing just chatting or possibly working in a collaborative group such as a team this is the post for you.

You can just schedule the meeting and everyone will join because they know hey there’s a firm-wide meeting at X time so that’s the basis of Microsoft teams it’s really good for those that already have office 365 in their business go ahead activate it use it to collaborate internally as it’s no extra charge if you do want to add conference calls and external parties please note you do need to go ahead and pay the four extra dollars per user.

that is gonna be using Microsoft teams to utilize that feature but other than that to let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below and as always thank you to all my patrons without you I couldn’t make videos like this one and I’ll see you in the next one Microsoft Teams Mic.

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