Best Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For YouTubers on 2020

Best Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For YouTubers on 2020

I never run out of battery and if you do you just bring a second battery anyway if you’re shooting weddings or something just bring another battery guys they’re pretty cheap they’re easy to get it’s a pretty common battery for Canon M6 Mark II so that really is not a problem for me now another thing like.

Best Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For YouTubers on 2020 
Best Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For YouTubers on 2020

I said it’s 1080p in any of the camera settings except video mode you can go to 4k and also in video mode is kind of if you go into settings you can enable a high frame rate.

This means you can shoot slow-mo which is 120 P at 1080 which is pretty nice you can shoot you know that that the slo-mo and really slow it down 4 or 5 times when you’re in a reduction or postprandial so I like the white balance on here.

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I like how you can have that adjusted right from the little thumb thing up top so next, let’s talk about some accessories you can get for this Canon M6 Mark II the first one I think everyone should get especially if you have older Canon M6 Mark II cameras and older lenses obviously you should get the EFM adapter.

I think it’s you know not that expensive either 50 or $100 usually on sale so you can go out and get that and use all of your older lenses I like it I think it works really well or you can just go out and buy all new lenses if you really want the smaller more compact lenses that you know fit this Canon M6 Mark II naturally something else.

USBC power delivery might be a good thing to look into if you want to have this set up on a tripod if you’re filming videos like mine it’s definitely a good thing to look into another accessory that I think most people maybe don’t need but it could be interesting if you’re shooting any photos would be the EF V the electronic viewfinder.

That kind of just fits right on the top right there I don’t know if you want that definitely check it out but I don’t think it would be serving me any purpose especially because you obviously have a live view on your screen right there and I think it works just as well if not better for my purposes and then lastly you want to make sure you’re getting the right SD card that you can shoot 4k.

I’ll link that down below the ones that I use I just use the SanDisk gold card and of course, if you don’t have that your footage can look choppy and won’t look very good I think most people already know this but it’s just something that I just wanted to mention in case anybody’s buying this and it’s their first camera okay.

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Guys that’s everything I have to say about this camera I think overall it’s a really impressive camera I really like the 4k some little drawbacks though I do wish that the lent or the screen went back a little farther than 45 degrees so sometimes.

I’m shooting things straight down if you’re trying to do like a tutorial or something unboxing right sometimes it’s nice to have that enabled you to know have the ability to see it when it’s straight down so that’s one drawback right there another drawback is if you have anything on the top a pretty classic problem with these little fold-up screens is they really they’re in the way so you’re gonna interfere with the microphone.

You can’t see the screen if you’re doing any kind of vlog type setup so that’s a drawback right there I think it’s only a matter of time until somebody makes like a cage for this and you can mount like the microphone on the side or something that would probably be a good purchase if you’re getting this Canon M6 Mark II for vlogging other than that there’s really not many drawbacks with this Canon M6 Mark II.

I think it’s really light it works really well as a decent battery life I think the quality of the video is really good for my purposes it doesn’t actually shoot 24 frames per second yet so for you guys out there looking to really make cinematic videos they did say that they are releasing a firmware update in early 2020

So they will have 24 P on here if you want that for me I just shot 30 anyway and I don’t really see a big deal with that from my style of videos if you’re shooting a lot of like cinematic stuff obviously a lot of people really like the 24 P though so guys.

I think that’s everything I have to say about the Canon m6 mark – I think it’s a really impressive camera if you guys agree or disagree comment down below and let me know why you like or dislike this camera what features you are really excited about or what features you really wish this camera had so as always guys Also read more: thank you. Top New Canon M6 Mark II Camera For YouTubers

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